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Commonly Used Soft Foam Polyurethane Catalyst
- Jun 25, 2018 -

NT CAT 102 A delayed-type complex amine strong gel catalyst, free of metal components, environmental protection, low odor, mild reaction rate at room temperature, rapid reaction after the system temperature reaches 60~65°C, two-component adhesive Agents, coatings, elastomers, bridging agents high-temperature fast-drying accelerators, fabric coatings, leather finishing agents, etc. It is recommended to add 0.05-0.30PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol);

NT CAT 150 A delayed-type complex amine gel catalyst, with a low reaction temperature at room temperature. After reaching the deblocking temperature (60~70°C), it rapidly catalyzes the reaction. It is mainly used for two-component polyurethane foams, adhesives, and coatings. And the production of acrylic paint and other industries, it is recommended to add 0.20-0.50PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol);

NT CAT 54 An acid blocked tertiary amine catalyst used primarily to promote urethane (polyol-isocyanate) reactions with delayed reaction initiation. Primarily used for polyurethane molding foams to prolong the opacifying time and improve flow. Sex, improve the processing efficiency of the foam, it is recommended to add 0.20-0.50PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol);

NT CAT 603 gel type catalyst can reduce the temperature of isocyanate deblocking, increase the peeling strength of products, and at the same time can increase the insulation performance of products and improve the surface finish of products. It is suitable for polyurethane insulating coatings and adhesives, etc. The recommended amount is 0.10-0.30 PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol);

NT CAT A-1 Strong Foaming Catalyst? A-1 catalyst is mainly used for the production of soft polyether polyurethane foams, and can also be used for rigid foam packaging. It is recommended to add 0.05-0.30 PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol).

NT CAT A-107 complex amine catalyst, promotes foaming reaction, has delay, can reduce demoulding time and improve openness. It is recommended to add 0.05-0.30PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol);

NT CAT A-300 Delayed cross-linking catalyst designed for polyurethane cushions for car seats and backrests. The production of foams will have good open-cell performance, but at the same time maintain the stability of the foaming formula and will not collapse, for use. Containing MDI ingredients, the reaction is fast and the system with slower flow can improve the foam flowability. The recommended dosage is 0.05-0.30 PPHP (per 100 parts of polyol).